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The Property

Strand, in conjunction with Francl Architecture, is preparing a rezoning application for 456 and 496 Prior Street (as well as a small portion of 1002 Station Street) and want to share their initial thoughts for the property with the community and gather public feedback.


Future of the Neighbourhood

Today, Prior Street serves as a gateway to The Downtown. In the near future it will also be one of the main connections to the False Creek Flats Health Precinct anchored by the new St. Paul’s Hospital which is situated directly adjacent to this property.


Policy Context

The False Creek Flats Plan is the guiding policy for this neighbourhood and was approved by City council in 2017. The site falls within the Health Campus area of the False Creek Flats Plan which is envisioned to evolve into a world-class integrated health hub that includes a vibrant mix of institutional, office, retail, service, cultural, recreational, and rental homes. Our proposal aligns with this vision providing office, retail, cultural, and rental homes close to transit and St. Paul’s Hospital. 

Read more in the False Creek Flats Plan here

*Road network displayed in the False Creek Flats Plan has since been revised.

A local street will be constructed between the site and the new St. Paul’s Hospital.

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Project Highlights

Our proposal includes two 14-storey buildings atop a 5-storey podium and offers much-needed rental homes including artist live/work suites, a cultural amenity space, retail, and office.

Rental Homes


This neighbourhood has few new rental housing options. We intend to provide approximately 288 new market rental homes including 11 artist live and work spaces giving residents an opportunity to live close to transit, shopping and amenities.

Retail Options


The False Creek Flats neighbourhood currently has few amenities. This proposal includes approximately 15,000 sq. ft. of retail space to bring activity to the street and serve existing and future residents as well as hospital and office staff.

Cultural Space


The False Creek Flats Plan identifies the need to preserve cultural spaces. The proposal for Prior Street includes 10,000 sq.ft. of cultural space to promote and ensure the longevity of Vancouver's arts and culture community. Strand intends to provide approximately 4,300 sq.ft. of cultural space and the additional 5,700 sq.ft. is subject to government funding.

Office Space


The False Creek Flats Plan includes a Health Precinct in the neighbourhood anchored by the new St. Paul’s Hospital.  The 240,000 sf. ft. of office space included in this proposal will support health care by providing space appropriate for medical offices and medical services in close proximity to the hospital.



Our Prior Street proposal includes an inviting courtyard/mews where residents, employees, and visitors can gather outdoors. This courtyard mews will connect Strathcona with Trillium Park and the St. Paul’s Hospital and Health Campus. 

*precedent images above not necessarily reflective of what the final product may look like


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The Project Team

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Founded in 1976, Strand is a Vancouver-based real estate company whose foundations are built on building long term connections to the communities they are a part of.

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Francl Architecture thrives on the challenge to design and realize a genuinely modern, liveable, and sustainably built environment. 

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